Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beginning Kindergarten Series, Day 3

Today the boys were more comfortable with everything school.

My brilliant idea of using the hanging,days-of-the-week shelves for school clothes has so far not worked well. On Monday I told them to help me pick clothes out for the week, but they were way too involved in their pretend underwater shark photography expedition than in clothing. (That needs to be a whole separate blog entry.) So I picked out their clothes myself.

This morning Cal saw the shirt I had picked out for him to wear today had a collar.

Cal: "No, you don't wear shirts with collars except on the first day. We don't want to walk in like a bunch of dummies."

Me: "Oh wow. Okay. So what should you wear instead?"

Cal: "Oh, I don't know...just a shirt with, like, a, I don't know, dinosaur or something on it."

So he wore a random bright yellow souvenir t-shirt with a moose on it from Montreal. Clearly way cooler than a red polo shirt. Clark did wear the blue polo shirt and shorts I had picked out, so maybe I was half way successful.

We walked to school with Margo and the boys navigated their way to their classroom perfectly. They hugged me. They showed me where their cubbies are and I helped them take their lunch boxes out. They hugged me again. They hugged Margo. They hugged Teddy. They went to their seats and as I was waving goodbye, Clark yelled, "Bye, Mom! I love you!" Love that kid. Feeling a little lost and fairly sweaty, I walked home.

At the end of the school day they both agreed that their favorite was P.E. today because they did more than learn how to sit like yesterday. Quotes from after school:

Clark: "The funnest was P.E. but I wanna run more...and when do we play a game? I want to beat another class."

Cal: "Yeah, when do we get to run more? I need to work out."

Clark: "There is this girl in school who speaks another language. She blew her nose and just threw the tissue on the floor. It was so gross. I almost told her, but she wouldn't know what I said anyway."

(NOTE: I'm glad he found that gross and not funny)

Cal: "I think the music teacher's name is Mrs. Jones or something. No. Mrs. Garcia? I don't know but we sang a song about a man in the moon with jellybean eyes. It was really weird. I think it was Mrs. Jones."

I had to tackle a question about divorce tonight, after they told me about one of their classmates' living situation.

After dinner we ran over to the library because all the Olivia books we had put on hold were there. They were so excited that the librarian loved it. (Ok, so did this English teacher) There is a girl in their class named Olivia and they've been discussing between the two of them how to tell Girl Olivia that there are books about a pig named Olivia without calling her a pig because they would never call her a pig. I'm not sure what they decided, but I agreed that calling her a pig was nothing they should ever do.

They carried the books home and we read a few before they were wiped out and fell into bed.

Fourth day coming up! They'll be pros in no time.


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