Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cal and Clark's Thanks

It's Thanksgiving week so I asked the boys what they are thankful for.

Thankful: "You like something that someone gave you" -Clark

Calvin is thankful:
for lots of food
for having a nice house
having a nice and big car
for the rain
for our scooters
for Teddy
for having money to play hockey
for our superhero wallets
for to have a nice mom
for all of our cups
for having all of our towels
for our 60 story building
for all our crayons ad pencils
for all our canteens
for a nice Daddy
for my clothes

Clark is thankful:
that we have comfortable jammies
for how we're behaving
that we have a good family
for that the Caps don't lose
for Teddy
that the hockey game we love but we're sad that your team lost
for having a nice car
for having a nice wedding for Mom and Dad
for having a nice winter together
for having a nice house when the weather is fine going outside to play
for having a nice Caps game we went to
for having nice trees that God made and beautiful brides at weddings
for having a nice house
for not dying when a shelf falls right on your head
for a nice Mommy and Daddy
for Gammy Crosson
for having a nice dance together

Three of my many blessings

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