Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pancakes With Gammy

I just wanted to document this before I forget. Last week was my mother-in-law's birthday, and since she's been coming over almost every weekday morning, we have a lot of wonderful Gammy time and could celebrate better than ever. For her birthday we bought her a pancake pan with molds for bug pancakes, some maple syrup, and we made a pancake mix for her. So the boys made pancakes with Gammy for her birthday. It reminded me of how nice it is to give gifts that involve the gift-giver being a part of the gift and made me want to try to do it more.

Anyway, the experience provided one of the best ever pictures of Clark, if not the very best, so I needed to be sure to share.

You've been Clark-faced!
Cooking bug cakes
Bug cakes to eat!
"My favorite are the dragonflies. They just taste the best." -Clark
Apparently this was a morning of face-making as well as pancake-making.

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