Monday, April 1, 2013

Beach Notes and Baseball Season

We spent part of Brian's spring break down at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was a nice change of scenery and even though it wasn't very warm, it was mostly sunny. My aunt and uncle have a beach house down there and we stayed with them.

It sure is a lot of work to have kids, but I'd say they make most things more exciting. I like the beach, but showing it to them, helping them find seashells and build sand castles and hit golf balls in the sand and watch dolphins and dig holes to China-- it's way more entertaining than just sitting there on the sand. In addition to our beach-sitting, we went to the Wright brothers monument and museum, a kite festival in the sand dunes, to Cape Hatteras lighthouse, played some mini-golf, flew airplanes off the balcony, did some dog-walking, and Easter egg-dying and hunting.

Perhaps the most important discovery we made was that there are two parallel streets next to each other in Kill Devil Hills with some great names:

We checked out the names of the streets on both sides to see if perhaps we'd find Peapod's name. Alas, neither Baum nor Martin appeal to us. But the boys loved driving on themselves.

Here are some other beach pictures so I get them out here on the blog before I get all wrapped up in baseball's opening day today. Go Nats!

We made a stop at Richmond's science museum
on the way there...
The spot the Wrights took off on their first four successful flights
Boy-airplanes taking off- each marker marks the
 landing spot of the first four flights
Walking to the monument
Up at the monument
They momentarily ran out of steam after sprinting around for an hour...
Running from the waves
Finding crab parts and shells...
On the way to China
Sand castles
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Shooting gang signs Spiderman webs from the lighthouse door
Hitting golf balls
Saltwater taffy!
Clark's favorite was blueberry.
All set to dye Easter eggs with Kool-Aid
Finished products
Aunt Anne made a March Madness bracket to determine the "best" egg.
The final showdown: Bunny vs. Funky Blue Buzz. Bunny was the big winner.
On the way to the kite festival
Climbed the sand mountain!
And ran down with Aunt Anne!
There was an amazing amount of sand in every possible crevice on the boys.
Sunset on the sound

Last night there- fell asleep on Dad/booth at the pizza restaurant
Uncle Pierre finishes his drink before carrying Sleepyhead B to the car.

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