Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Week's Poop Similes Wrap-up

"My poop looks like a hotdog!" -Cal

"My poop looks like a peanut!" - Clark

"It looks like a cactus or a fish or something." -Clark

"It looks like a hotdog AGAIN this time!" -Cal

"It's like a baby poop." - Cal

"My poop is like a seahorse!" -Clark

"This time it's a tree!" -Cal

"It looks like a banana. And someone started peeling it already!" -Cal

"It's a small as a crumb." -Clark

"It looks like a snail or a worm maybe." -Clark

"I looks like Buzz Lightyear." -Clark

"Did you hear my poop pop out from my buns?" -Cal

"This is the strongest poop you've ever seen!" -Clark

"Looks like crumbs from a baseball field." -Clark

"Looks like two snakes and a turtle." -Clark

I just couldn't resist sharing. After all, I want to encourage figurative language in my boys.

Here are some of my previous boys and poop thoughts: Poopy diapers and Funny Poop.

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