Saturday, August 9, 2014


I've written a bunch of times on the blog about how much I love baseball and how much a part of my life it has always been. It's so fun to see the way that baseball has continued to be a part of my life with my own kids.

The boys have now completed three seasons (two spring, one fall) of t-ball (and Blastball-- which is pre-t-ball, and I wrote about it here and here.) and are gearing up for the coming fall season. We've had such a fun time with t-ball. We've gotten to know some great families and have already made some wonderful memories. Brian is a great coach and he loves coaching. The kids adore him and have all learned so much about baseball. Both the Red Wings and Blue Wahoos improved a bunch each season. In fact, the other coaches voted Brian the t-ball coach of the year for Reston Little League this spring! I'm pretty proud.

I've met some great parents through it all-- and many are parents I'll most likely know for years because they live close and some of them have kids who go to the same elementary school the boys will start going to in (23 days) the fall.

We found a summer baseball camp that took place just down the street from our house, and we signed them up for one week-- Monday through Thursday, five hours a day. It seemed like a LOT of time for them to be away, but the first week went well and they loved it. We signed them up again a few weeks later, and though they were the youngest two kids, they did great, loved it, and the older kids were supportive and encouraging of them. I have a hunch that the snow cone truck that visited daily might have been their favorite part, but the home run derbies into the tennis courts were a close second.

On the professional baseball front, we of course still follow our beloved Nationals, who are in first place as I write this. We all went to a Nats game recently. Teddy wasn't even afraid of the wild, screaming fans, especially when the Nats put up 5 runs in the first inning. He looked around at everyone and started clapping his hands too!

Bottom line: baseball is the greatest sport ever. And here are some pictures.

First game ever! Blastball 2013
During fall ball last year the boy had
 ALL 4 GRANDPARENTS at a game!
First game this spring- The Blue Wahoos!
Cal and Clark's littlest fan- boldly sporting
his poopy onesie.
Cal the catcher
Teddy at the t-ball exhibition game when Brian won coach of the year.
Cal fields a ground ball at baseball camp,
while Clark holds back the competition.
Clark fields at camp.
Five hours of baseball makes them tired...for about an hour
and then they're ready to rock and roll again.
Walking home from camp
Teddy goes CLAP CLAP CLAP!
Little fan gets to go into the dugout and meet a player!
Teddy meets the infamous Teddy Roosevelt
of the Nationals' Racing Presidents

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