Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's the Silver Line!

For years we've heard that the metro will for sure be coming to Reston on its way from DC out to Dulles Airport. We had that in mind when we bought our condo six years ago near one of the two planned Reston stops. Many political and economical and financial discussions and plan-changes have been going on for so many years it has been hard to keep track (pun intended) of the latest metro news. Well, last Saturday it finally happened! The grand opening of the Silver Line! For those of you who drive, it might be intrusive and annoying to have a metro stop by you, and all the businesses and people that come with it. But for your friendly, non-driving, epileptic momma, this is awesome!

Before, I could walk five minutes to a transit station to catch a bus to transfer to the metro to catch a train to get downtown. BUT. Now I can either walk 15 minutes to the station, catch a train and be downtown in 25 minutes or less, or, to make it even faster, I can catch a bus outside my door that goes directly to the station, be there in two minutes, catch a train, and be downtown even faster. It is so much easier, and direct, and exciting!

Today I took the boys on our first Silver Line adventure. Though the parking garage is still incomplete, the station is open and sparkly new. Maybe I got a few goosebumps walking over the toll road.

There doesn't have to be a silver lining, anymore...there's a silver line. (Badda-bing. Sorry, I just had to work it in somehow.)

Look out, Silver Line, weirdos boarding.
We got on the front car and watched all the new route and new stops.

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