Monday, September 23, 2013

Calvin's World

Things Calvin Finds Beautiful

1. flashing police lights
2. all flowers
3. fall leaves
4. gasoline in mud puddles
5. sunsets
6. paintings with lots of colors
7. rainbows
8. long hair
9. me when I wear anything besides a t-shirt and jeans
10. bubbles
11. colorful clothing and toys
12. the blue sky
13. clouds in the sky
14. the moon
15. nail polish
16. turning wheels on cars
17. reflections of all of the above

A conversation with Calvin this morning:

Hey, Mom my feet are asleep. I know because they feel like they're on fire. My feet are nocturnal! Because they're asleep in the day so they must be awake at night! I have nocturnal feet. They're owl feet! I have owl feet, Mom!

We might have an artist on our hands.

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