Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Countdown

Last time I was pregnant pretty much everything was different. For example, I didn't have 4 year-olds to take care of every day. And I was on bedrest from 28-36 weeks. I took pictures of my expanding belly every was a little ridiculous. I realized today that I haven't specifically taken a single picture of my belly this pregnancy. Poor Peapod! So today, at 31 weeks, I took the first picture. Actually, the boys took turns taking pictures because they're obsessed with using my camera. Thus begins the countdown until July 5th.

Here's a little side-by-side comparison to last time:

Pregnant with Cal and Clark four years ago
Pregnant with Peapod today

Pretty sure I'm bigger today than I was four years ago with twins. I'll blame it on the twins stretching out my uterus. At this rate Peapod will come out right around 14 pounds...

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