Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vapiano Pizza-Makin' for Kids

A few weeks ago a friend of mine happened to be walking by Vapiano (pizza and pasta restaurant) on a Saturday morning and noticed that they had a little pizza class going on for kids. She stopped in, there was room in the class for her son, and so they spent the next hour or so making mini pizzas. It turns out that Vapiano at Reston Town Center does these free pizza-making classes every other Saturday morning! I signed the boys up and last weekend we had a wonderful time with the manager in charge of the class, the other employees who helped, the kids, and the boys' little friend Sonja.

Rene is the manager and he has this whole experience down. From the moment you walk in the door, you are welcomed, the kids are given (real, cloth) aprons, a paper chef hat, crayons, drinks, and parents are also given complementary drinks. The tour starts with a well-advised trip to the restrooms for the kids to wash their hands before they get to squish down the pizza dough. After the pizzas are all put together and baking, Renee brought out dough for the kids to practice tossing into the air. That was probably Cal's favorite part.

Without further text, here are the pictures. I highly recommend this fun morning (allow a good hour and a half or two hours) for anyone in the area. I'd say ideal ages are probably 3-6. Call ahead to reserve a space in the class, but it's all free! (Reston Town Center location: 571-281-2893)

The marketing worked on us...I'm sure we'll go eat dinner there at some point soon because they were so great to deal with- and the pizza was delicious!

Sonja and the boys get set for baking!
Everyone meets the manager and introduces themselves.
Clean hands are ready to press the dough!
How does my hat look?
Smashing the dough down
While the pizzas are baking...let's throw dough!
Chef Cal catches good air!
And the dough catches the floor a few times...
Everyone gets turns.
Cal does it again...
Yum, Batman: A bunny pizza and a normal little pizza for each kid
Thank you, Rene! 


  1. Replies
    1. Seems right up your alley, D'addario. :)

  2. What an awesome experience! Do they let adults join too? Love the pics.

    1. I'm sure they'd let you be as involved as you wanted to be with your child. :) One of my boys was unsure of being back behind the counter without me at first, so they told me I could be back there with him.


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