Saturday, September 29, 2012

Choose Your Own Hair Story?

Cal wants to grow his hair out “until it touches his shirt.”

I don’t know how to respond to this. Is this acceptable? Do parents let boys grow their hair out if they want to when they’re three years old? Is that a thing? And also—I cut the boys’ hair. How do I let it grow out without it looking like a mullet and then a homeless person? Does he simply not want a haircut because he hates haircuts? Maybe it isn't fear; I haven't talked about a haircut for awhile.

So I Googled something like “little boys growing their hair out” and promptly spent way too much time reading ridiculously useless message boards. And yet I still don’t have an answer. I emailed a friend of mine whose son has long hair, and I think her advice is probably the only advice that Brian and I will actually pay attention to.

Much of the material I read online was complaints about strangers mistaking long-haired boys for girls(gasp!). Other people said letting a toddler make the decision is fine, some said he shouldn't make the decision at this age. Some asked if the boy in question is rebellious.

Now that I've done so much reading on it, it feels like a much bigger deal than it probably is.
Maybe in a month if his hair is hanging in his eyes he’ll change his mind. It does seem like kind of a fun experiment—to have Cal grow his out and Clark cut his. Then we’ll know what they’d look like either way. Kind of a choose-your-own adventure kind of hair...story.

*editor's note: Many apologies for those of you who read this post earlier in its very rough draft form.
I can't quite imagine his hair long...

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