Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Amerchancy

Woooo Woooo!
A few weeks ago we went to Friend Philip’s birthday party at a fire station. The firefighters themselves decorated the room with firemen birthday decorations and set up the tables, complete with firemen-themed goodie bags and plastic firefighter helmets for everyone. Impressive! The firefighters gave the guests a tour of the fire station but beforehand they asked if anyone knew what an emergency was. I don’t think I’d ever mentioned the word to the boys, but we’ve talked a lot about mommy having a seizure and what they should do. 

The presentation at the fire station made me think even more that we need to have a specific and simple plan in place for the boys. Up until recently there wasn’t much we could have them do if I had a seizure. Here’s what happened last time I had a seizure with all three kids in the house with me.

I wonder if Clark enjoyed the red fire engine cake?
Brian and I had been trying to figure out how we could start training them to call for help. Chances are, the next situation will not go as ideally and smoothly as that time did. My cell phone is hard for them to use, and we’ve never had a land line at our house. We found out it was another $25 a month to add a land line and so Brian did a little research and we ended up buying an Ooma, which is an internet-based phone line. He found a phone accessory from Sharper Image that is designed for elderly people. It’s got gigantic buttons with places on each button for a picture. So we got that hooked up a few days ago and mounted it on the wall in our living room at the boys’ height. 

We’ve been having the boys make some practice calls over the past few days, and collecting pictures for the buttons. They like it, and it has been so funny to see them mimic our phone call behaviors as they lean against the wall and chat with Grandma. So far they have not picked it up without asking, but have waiting until we've told them they could practice to use it. A few times they've flippantly pushed faces without us looking, but during a practice session, like calling Brian when he was at work, but other than that, no misplaced calls. Now we're all set for a amerchancy, as the boys call it.

If you have toddlers, this might be something to think about doing. Specifically if there is a slightly elevated risk of an emergency in your house, like there is in ours.

The perfect spot

We are not programming the taxi, hospital, or fire numbers, just don't have the other pictures.

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