Saturday, February 5, 2011

Astronauts and Sippy Cups

Calvin's newest word is "astronaut" because today we saw and touched an astronaut's suit at the Air and Space Museum just down the road from our house. The boys' favorite exhibit was not an exhibit. It was one end of the hangar where there's a bunch of open space. They ran around crazily and only went splat a few times. We went with my aunt and uncle and it took all of us to stop them from:

1) making friends with everyone who made eye contact with them
2) picking up forty-seven million germs by wiping their hands along each and every rail
3) throwing their sippy cups on the space shuttle Enterprise

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the trouble of taking them to see things like this, but I'm almost constantly reminded that it is. They've been jabbering about astronauts and airplanes all afternoon and I know they will remember it because they seem to remember EVERYTHING these days.

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